Kyle Ristow

Co-Principal REALTOR®

License # 89782-94

Meet Kyle

Kyle Ristow is a dedicated local real estate professional, proud to call Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his hometown. With an impressive track record of facilitating property transactions, he has successfully assisted nearly 200 clients in their real estate endeavors, including buyers and investors from various states and even across international borders. This lead him to receiving multiple rising star awards and appearing on many marketing outlets on TV and news articles. However, Kyle's true passion lies beyond mere statistics and awards.

His unwavering commitment to fostering meaningful relationships has been the cornerstone of his real estate career. With a client-centric approach, he prioritizes the human element, valuing each individual as a unique person rather than just another transaction. Kyle's area of expertise is not limited to properties; it extends to curating personalized experiences for clients looking to call Milwaukee home and invest in their future.

Kyle embarked on his real estate journey in 2019 and co-founded the Yelich Realty Group, a real estate enterprise alongside Collin Yelich. Together, they have carved a reputable presence in the industry, delivering top-notch service to clients seeking to navigate Milwaukee's real estate landscape.

Beyond his thriving real estate career, Kyle also serves as the Vice President of the Echelon Group, an organization associated with the Salvation Army, dedicated to combating homelessness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also regularly gives back to his old high school and gives motivational speeches to kids who are struggling in school and in life. He to struggled in school and overall life growing up but has since built an impressive track record in the real estate world since graduating and he makes it a mission to better the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. His commitment to these noble causes underscores his dedication to giving back to the community that he proudly calls home.

In a world often driven by numbers, Kyle Ristow stands as a beacon of genuine connection and service, making his mark on both the real estate industry and the greater Milwaukee community.