Collin Yelich

Co-Principal REALTOR®

License # 91486-94

Meet Collin

Collin Yelich, Compass agent in the Milwaukee area, a former professional baseball player, now specializing in the Milwaukee real estate market. With his mother as a top Compass agent in Los Angeles and his uncle as a prominent commercial developer in Orange County, Collin has amassed a wealth of knowledge from years of exposure to the industry. Focusing on properties above the $400,000 mark, Collin works with many young professionals and is known for his ability to provide reassurance, transparency, and satisfaction for his clients.

Our Commitment:

At Yelich Realty Group, our commitment to our clients goes beyond the standard expectations of a real estate agency. We are passionately dedicated to transforming your real estate aspirations into tangible realities. Our promise is not merely to facilitate transactions but to serve as unwavering partners in your journey, ensuring that your goals are met and exceeded.

Our commitment extends well beyond the closing of a deal. We understand that the impact of a real estate transaction resonates long after the paperwork is signed. Yelich Realty Group is steadfast in our commitment to providing support even after the transaction is complete. Whether you need guidance on settling into your new home or assistance with any unforeseen challenges, we are here for you every step of the way.

What sets Yelich Realty Group apart is our genuine desire to make every client feel like a valued member of our extended family. We believe in creating an atmosphere of warmth and trust, cultivating a sense of belonging from the very beginning of our relationship. This familial approach is not confined to the transaction period; it is a bond that persists long after the keys have exchanged hands.

In the complex landscape of real estate, we recognize the importance of advocacy and diligence. Yelich Realty Group is committed to fighting for our clients' interests, ensuring that their needs are prioritized and their concerns addressed. We take pride in staying on top of every detail throughout the transaction, providing a level of proactive service that allows our clients to relax and focus on their lives, free from the stress of real estate uncertainties.

Our commitment to making your experience seamless and worry-free is at the forefront of everything we do. You can trust Yelich Realty Group to be not just your real estate advisors but your dedicated allies, working tirelessly to make your real estate journey a resounding success. With us, your goals are not just aspirations; they are our shared mission.